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From: TopLegal
Subject: ST: "Farm Boy Part 2" (M/M sex; M/Mttbb spanking; M/M incest; hypno;
some M/F sex)Part 2
====== By TopLegal WARNING This contains graphic descriptions of sexual intercourse
and sadomasochistic activities between adult males. If this
offends you, is not appropriate for viewing in your location, or
you are not of legal age, do not read it. Any resemblance of
characters in this story to the living is purely coincidental. (c) 2003, TopLegal. Permission is granted for distribution via
Usenet and the Web provided that the following two conditions are
met: there is no cost to access this story, e.g. AdultCheck, pay
site, etc., and the story is posted in full without modifications. [Ed: Fan mail swayed the day, part duex...]Programming Guides
------------------ It was about two weeks after I had impregnated Carol with our
third set of male twins, that I found myself sitting naked in
front of the computer in Jason's office. I was there by
invitation. At boot, I realized a password was required, but almost
instinctively I entered "jasonr" and my password "controlled." At the Windows desktop, I entered "My Documents" and found a
folder marked "Mind Control Notes." Inside I found three folders:
"General Techniques," "Richardson Family," and "Townsfolk." I decided to read about us first and opened the folder to find a
folder for each of us: Carol, Matthew, Michael, Daniel, David, and
me. I started with my own folder but found it empty. Fair enough. I browsed through the other folders and found them very similarly
structured. I decided to focus on the triggers and global commends
for each family member. Carol's trigger was "sweet tomatoes are erotic." The boys had a
shared trigger "a spanking a day keeps a bad boy on his toes."
Added to the verbal triggers were the post-punishment position
triggers.Repurposing Carol
----------------- My newfound ability to get erections during gay sex with my older
brother and Carol's pregnancy opened new avenues. Jason instructed
me to hypnotize Carol and train her to be fascinated to watch two
men have sex. I started in gently by inducing her with her keyword and gradually
working her to express an interest into watching her
lover--me--have sex with a man. I explained to her that she would
find it more gratifying to watch two men have sex than to be
penetrated. Jason's programming guide on this subject was helpful
and I stuck to the script fairly closely. Later that night, Carol introduced the subject with hesitation to
me: "James, I've been thinking it would be really cool if you
could satisfy some of Jason's needs." "Oh?" "Yes, I think that would be quite nice, can you go get him and
tell him that I would like to watch him fuck you." "Carol," I pleaded. "Now James!" She paused and added, "or you will end up with a sore
bottom for disobeying me." I fetched my older brother and let him fuck me in front of his
wife, my lover. Carol got her rocks off on it and that night
marked the end of heterosexual sex between Carol and myself. The closer it got to the birth of the newest twins, the less and
less amorous Carol was towards me. The daily hypnosis scripts I
worked her through ensured that. During the summer, I noticed that Jason seemed to have a guest in
the outside building that had the office, but I never saw the
guest. A few times when I was at the computer in the office
studying the hypnosis instructions, I would hear a man screaming
in pain, but I knew better than to ask Jason about the guest.Vienna
------ It was only two weeks before the newest twins--already named Zack
and Zeke were due when Jason decided I needed to travel to Vienna
for him. The instructions were crystal clear and included a
requirement that I visit a particular gay sauna every night of my
visit and have regular gay sex. A bag was already 12 yo lolita nude packed for me
and I simply picked it off the floor and walked preteen lolita upskirt pics from the office
right out to the truck where Jason was sitting in the driver's
seat already. "Ready to go little brother?" "Yes sir," I responded meekly. "Tsk, tsk, I think you will enjoy Vienna and it will be quite
profitable for you." I shrugged. "Your bag includes copious quantities of condoms and lube for your
nights at Kaiserbrundl_.".. _Kaiserbrundl "So why are you going to Vienna?" "Tourism." "Anything to declare?" "No." "Good," Jason said as he backed the car out of the driveway.
Millions of dollars worth of diamonds were attached to the
necklace I would wear into the country around my neck as costume
jewelry. "Put the necklace on." I affixed the costume-style necklace to my neck. Each of the
"glass" stones ringing the necklaces was in actuality a ten-plus
carat diamond making the entire necklace worth over five-million
dollars. Jason dropped me off at the airport without having said anything
else and I headed into the domestic terminal for a flight to
Washington, D.C. that would eventually take me onwards to Vienna. Despite what should have been a natural anxiety about being a mule
for Jason's diamond smuggling, I was completely calm and my
necklace received only pre teen lolita blowjobs
the most cursory comment from the TSA
security screeners. In Washington, I had a forty minute lay over before boarding
business class for the much longer flight to Vienna. Despite
Carol's position in the airline industry, my servitude in Jason's
household meant I had not traveled much and I was enjoying the
flight even if I was dreading the business and "pleasure" awaiting
me in Vienna. The flight was a redeye of sorts and we landed at the airport
outside Vienna about nine in the morning. I cleared immigration
and customs without incident. I changed some money for Euros and
took a cab to the downtown Marriott. I felt fortunate that my room was ready and went up to it and
slept till about one before heading out into the brisk winter air
to sell the diamonds. The doorman hailed a cab and I suddenly spoke fluent German to
provide instructions for my meeting. The cab dropped me off at the
Prater fairgrounds where I instinctively made my way towards the
giant Ferris Wheel and stood watching the giant wheel turn for a
while. A stunning blonde woman approached me and said, "Mr.
Richardson, glad you got in safely, shall we take a ride?" She offered her arm and I led her to the Ferris Wheel which we
boarded. Once in the car which kisslola com index html we were alone in. She leaned in and
began to kiss me intimately as underage lolitas gallery biz she removed the necklace. Finished,
she handed me a slip of paper and then we continued to kiss until
exiting the ride. "Good day Mr. Richardson," the blonde said as we parted. I opened
the slip of paper: it had a series of numbers that made no sense.
I decided to walk back to the hotel. It took quite a bit to walk
back to the hotel and by the time I was back it was around six
o'clock in the evening. I called Jason to report on the results. He praised me highly and
took down the numbers and reminded me I was required to go to the
sauna and let men fuck my brains out. I changed into the slutty clothing Jason had packed for me and
left the hotel for the sauna. It was right up the street a few
blocks. On the way, I stopped at what turned out to be a fantastic
Asian cuisine restaurant, "East-West." Afterwards, I made my way another block up the street to the
------------ I entered the sauna through the large green door on the street
level and headed back a long corridor anxiously. The corridor
dead-ended at a door with no obvious buzzer. At first I tried
knocking and was about to leave, but noticed a buzzer. Upon pushing, I was buzzed in. A topless cashier with a nipple
ring handed me a wristband with a key as well as a towel and
invited me to enjoy. I walked past bar tables filled with men
wearing only towels. I headed past them and up to the lockers. I
stripped naked and wrapped the towel around my waist. I took the
wristband and the small bag filled with condoms and lube with me. I followed little women lolita russia a similarly clad man down the stairs again and to the
basement. Barefoot, I followed the man back towards the sauna area
and allowed myself to steam naked along with pre teen lolita blowjobs three other guys. The
room was oppressively hot and I was quickly sweating profusely. I
stayed it out in the sauna for fifteen minutes before heading out
and showering. Condom bag in hand, I headed to the bar and ordered vodka straight
up. Showing my locker number, to the similarly topless bartender
to charge it to my lock--69. lolita preteen girls pictures
After downing the vodka, I got a lay of the land. There were a few
large common rooms where guys seemed to mostly hang out that led
off to a variety of smaller individual booths, some with video
monitors showing porn as well as to some larger video rooms and
some larger dark group sex rooms. Knowing I had to report six fucks back to Jason in great detail, I
decided to get underway in an area where there were fairly dark
group sex areas stacked on down a half flight of stairs and other
up half a flight. The upper room was empty, but an orgy of bareback anal sex was
going on in the lower room. I threw myself into the fray by
starting to suck one guy's cock. He quickly rolled me over and I handed him a condom to use as he
fucked me. He was gracious about sliding it on lolitas preteen bikini models and then fucked me
like I was a machine to be used. As soon as he was spent he pulled
out and left me there, alone and empty. Hard, I debated jacking off and decided to save it till after I
had gotten my remaining five fucks in. Repulsed with myself for
having gay sex, I headed back to the bar for another vodka before
my next fuck. The next guy was in one of the private booths jacking to a video
with the door open. I looked in on him and gestured with a condom
in my hands. He invited me in and I shut the door. This fuck was
even less satisfying for me as I was simply bent over the padded
riser and fucked immediately. The guy was rough and took quite a
while to shoot a load into the condom. Used again, he wandered off
leaving me alone, bent over the riser. I picked myself up and felt
revolted with myself. I went back to the sauna and baked myself for another fifteen
minutes to clean myself. Out of the shower, I noticed a guy stretched out sleeping on a
bench across the water pond and decided to approach him to let me
ride his cock. I approached and he opened his eyes. I kneeled next to his cock
and he smiled. lolita preteen girls pictures I licked my tongue around my mouth to indicate I
wanted to ranchi gateway lolita bbs give a blowjob and the young man opened the towel. I
leaned in and sucked his dick until he was quite stiff. Then I
applied a condom and began riding his cock. This was much more
pleasurable for me and I started jacking myself as I rode the
young man's shaft. It took a few minutes for me to orgasm and another few for the
young man to shoot into me. I stood up slowly and removed the
condom and he thanked me in German as I wandered off to shower. Three down, three to go. My next two fucks were unremarkable and left me feeling more and
more disgusted with myself for submitting to gay sex to please my
brother. My last fuck though changed the equation. He was shy and quiet and
something about him attracted me to him. I approached him in one
of the common rooms and offered to buy him a drink. His English
was even better than most of the people I had met. He said he was
shy and wondered if we could fuck at his house. I decided it beat hanging out in a gay sauna if he fucked me. So I
followed him up to the lockers, got dressed and we walked a half
dozen blocks to his house. One the way, I learned his name was
Theo Posselt and that he lived with his mother who was dieing from
a rare type of cancer.Posselt Residence
----------------- His home was impeccably decorated, so I was shocked by his barren
bedroom consisting only of a small wardrobe and a mattress on the
floor. A razor strap hanging from a peg just inside the door was
also hard to miss. "Dad whip you?" "Mom," he said. I nodded. At twenty-one Theo was a bit old to be living at home,
getting spanked, and not working. Of course, the same could be
said of me at age thirty. But, I had an excuse, Jason kept me as a
hypnotized sex slave. What was Theo's excuse? He fucked me passionately and I found myself orgasming again. Then
after we had embraced for a while he excused himself to check on
his mother. He took the strap with him as he left me. A few
minutes later I heard him crying out in pain. When he returned
almost an hour later he was still sobbing softly. He crawled into his bed and cuddled against me. In the morning, Theo turned to me and asked, "Can I ask a huge
favor of you?" "Ask away," I said and kissed him without thinking about it. "Can you please go have sex with my mother?" I must have turned a color because he quickly back peddled, "It's
ok, I'll go take a spanking again." "Wait Theo," I said and pulled him against me. "You have sex with
your mother?" "All the time," he said looking away from me embarrassed. "Since
my dad died, she has forced me to have sex with her every day and
beats me if I disobey her." I kissed him again. "I'm actually straight and my life is
surprisingly less different than yours. I'll go fuck her." Theo thanked me and let me head in. His mother was stunning and
she seemed please, "Ah, a real man." I slid a condom on and passionately fucked Theo's mother till she
orgasmed four separate times. As I left, she thanked me profusely. Theo was in the hall just
outside her bedroom and he thanked me as well and asked if I could
stay here a few days to make his life less miserable. I pre teen lolita blowjobs agreed if I could check out of the hotel. The hotel did not mind
me checking out and so I found myself with six days to go in
Vienna locked into Mrs. Posselt's odd little incestuous
relationship with her young son Theo. I nude little young lolitas
called Jason and explained the situation and he simply laughed,
"not to worry James, I have been talking to Theo online for months
now. I only checked you into the hotel in case he chickened out." Theo had me fuck his mom, day and night to pleasure her
constantly. A week had passed with me having non-stop heterosexual
sex with the gorgeous woman. Four days passed and Theo convinced
me to take a break and go visit the Albertina museum. When I
returned there was an ambulance outside and Theo was crying. His
mother had passed away. I consoled the crying boy in his room against my chest. I called
Jason and got permission to extend my stay, he commented that Theo
would be coming home with me. When we left the Posselt home, Theo packed very little except for
his razor strap and some clothing and we flew back to the states.
Theo greeted Jason warmly and back home Carol was about to explode
and have the babies at any second. The kids accepted that Theo was a cousin visiting from Vienna
without question. The twins' birth went without a hitch and the extra pair of hands
Theo offered was great. Gradually, Jason moved Theo into the
bedroom with him and Carol and me out to the guest room.Freedom?
-------- Three weeks after the 12 yo lolita nude twins' birth, Jason visited me in the night. "I've got Theo successfully integrated and Carol happy. I've
bought a gorgeous new home for you in San Francisco and I am going
to give you your freedom." "Thank you," I responded. "Gradually, the kids will find their way to you since I plan to
send all of the kids to University of San Francisco." I nodded, "what about Carol?" "She loves watching Theo and I have sex." "That's it?" "Yep, Theo is waiting at the car to take you to the airport." Jason handed me a small bag and kissed me goodbye.Write the Author
---------------- These stories are e-mail'ware, show your appreciation by dropping
some feedback (in English) to the author at See other works by me at $$
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